Virtual issue: Jewish Collectors and Collecting

Journal of the History of Collections

edited by Silvia Davoli and Tom Stammers

The essays gathered together in this virtual issue replicate the dominant ways in which Jewish collecting has been treated: first, through a concern with Jewish ritual objects and Judaica; second, through a study of opulent Jewish collectors, with the Rothschilds operating in a class apart; third, through reconstructing the fate of Jewish collections during the Second World War

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Beyond the Pale: The Country Houses of the Jewish Élite

Journal of Modern Jewish Studies: special issue

In this special issue of The Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (Volume 18, Issue 4), with articles that range from eighteenth century Holland and colonial Curacao, through Lower Austria to France, Germany, Britain and even the USA, the editors aim to give a sense of the chronological and geographical range of Jewish country houses, and to open up key themes.

What, if anything, was distinctively Jewish about the country houses of the Jewish élite? How does thinking about these houses help us to understand modern Jewish history differently? What does a focus on specifically Jewish country houses bring to the field of country house studies more generally? Is there anything material, visual or stylistic about these houses that marks them as Jewish? 

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