Heritage Partners

Waddesdon Manor - built in Buckinghamshire from 1874 - is partnering with the Jewish Country Houses project to understand more fully and to communicate to the public the Jewish context of the house and its role in the self-fashioning of Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, as well as the relationship with other Rothschild and non-Rothschild house in the UK and Europe. A major element of the collaboration will be the creation of a digital ediiton of Ferdinand de Rothschild's writings, which will allow open access to a key source for understanding Waddesdon.
The National Trust has collaborated with the project since its initial formative stages, with the aim of revealing shared Jewish histories across their UK sites, and establishing connectivity with the broader European Jewish context. Building on the working methods established in the first phase, the Trust is working to help their sites of Jewish heritage become more dynamic and relevant, creating 'living cultural resources'. Key collaborative work strands include public engagement across  core sites, research mentoring and support for curators and site teams, case studies for inclusion in project publications, and the sponsoring of workshops and a major conference in 2021.
The European Assocation for the Promotion of Jewish Heritage and Culture is a non-profit institution which represents a number of different public and private organisations that work in the field of Jewish heritage in Europe. It leads two large-scale projects: the European Days of Jewish Culture and the European Routes of Jewish Heritage. The partnership with the Jewish Country Houses project will support a an online hub for a pan-European heritage and research network of Jewish country houses, museums and other relevant properties, and a Jewish heritage route entitled 'Palaces, Villas and Country Houses'. 
Although internationally known for its creator, the writer Horacle Walpole (1717-1797), Strawberry Hill House during the 19th century was occupied, furnished and decorated with sumptuous collections by two owners of Jewish origin: Lady Frances Waldegrave (née Braham) and the Stern family. The Strawberry Hill Trust's partnership with the Jewish Country Houses project will enable further exploration of the house's history and that of the women who influenced the property, both socially and decoratively. Research will culminate in an exhibition in 2021: Women who break the rules - Collecting, fashion and power at Strawberry Hill between 1796 and 1923
Founded in 1914, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux is a heritage body run by the French Ministry for Culture and Communication which is responsible for managing and conserving over 85 historic sites across France. It works to interpret these sites effectively and make them accessible to the public.

urKultur is an international arts consultancy based in Berlin and specialising in art commissions, feasibility studies, specially curated programmes as well as fundraising strategies and events. Founded by Ruth Ur, urKultur draws on a substantial international network of contacts in the arts, business and politics and clients include Deutsche Bahn, the City of Thessaloniki, Jewish Museum Frankfurt and the British Embassy Berlin.

JTrails is the official Jewish Heritage Trail of the UK and is part of the European Route of Jewish Heritage, a Cultural Route supported by the Council of Europe.