'Country Houses, Jewish Homes' exhibition at Crawley Museum

crawley museum exhibition

Crawley Museum in  West Sussex is one of the first venues to present our mobile exhibition, Country Houses, Jewish Homes.

The Jewish Country Houses project has a long association with the local Worth Park History Society, who have helped source objects relating to the former grand estate to display alongside the exhibition. In addition, the Worth Park History Society Costume and Craft Group has produced a modern re-creation of an 1861-63 gown such as would have been worn by Lady Louisa de Rothschild (1821-1910) at Worth Park.

Holly Parsons, curator at Crawley Museum, explains: “We at Crawley Museum were really excited about the prospect of this exhibition as it is so different to exhibitions we have had in the past. For the exhibition we worked with Worth Park History Society to source objects from their collection and they suggested who we could contact for some others. This means we are able to offer this travelling exhibition with a display from a local house to our visitors.”

The exhibition can be seen at Crawley Museum until 27 May 2023. More info at https://crawleymuseums.org/exhibition/jewish-country-houses/