Our work with Bevis Marks

bevis marks

The role of Jews in the City of London and their contribution to its material heritage has been an important focus for the Jewish Country Houses team. The public career of the first Jewish Lord Mayor, Sir David Salomons, is commemorated at Salomons Estate in Kent. Sir Moses Montefiore of East Cliff Lodge famously wore his City of London Sheriff’s uniform when representing the cause of oppressed Jews in the Ottoman Empire, Russia and Morocco. And Sir Albert Sassoon, a Jew, was the first Indian to receive the Freedom of the City of London.


Both Montefiore and Sassoon belonged to Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest continually functioning synagogue in Europe. We have been delighted to lend our expertise to the campaign to preserve this important heritage site as a functioning synagogue for future generations.

The decision of the City of London to reject plans for a tall building at 31 Bury Street in 2021 was an important step in this direction, and Professor Abigail Green gave evidence to the City of London Planning Committee in that context.

With the help of Dr Tom Stammers and Marcus Roberts of JTrails, she has now compiled a Historic Report on the Jewish history of the Creechurch Lane Conservation Area, and a report on how best to protect Bevis Marks and its setting.


We are delighted to see the City recognising the importance of its rich Jewish heritage and look forward to collaborating further.